Beringharjo Market Yogyakarta City

Beringharjo Market Yogyakarta City

by admin January 10th, 2021

Beringharjo market is a famous traditional market in the city of Yogyakarta. This market is an attraction for visiting tourists, because many goods are sold, ranging from basic necessities to typical Yogyakarta souvenirs. Located right beside the legendary street, Malioboro, the Beringharjo market is a must-have destination for you.

Beringharjo Market Yogyakarta City has historical values ​​that are closely related to the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace or the Yogyakarta Palace. Beringharjo means a shady tree that provides welfare for all Yogyakarta residents. Historically, the Beringharjo market area used to be a stretch of land or forest that was overgrown with large banyan trees. And after the Yogyakarta Palace was established, this banyan forest area became the center of economic transactions. And in subsequent developments, this area was established as a kind of booth or community market block.

There are articles or sources that state that Yogyakarta’s typical cuisine, Gudeg, originally came from this region. In the early days of development, many citizens or royal soldiers cleared land for the Beringharjo market. They cooked jackfruit, then mixed it with palm sugar, and stirred or “ngudeg” the dish for quite a long time. So from here, people call the dish then as Gudeg. Where currently warm is a typical dish that is most favored by the public and tourists visiting Yogyakarta.

As a traditional market, beringharjo has similarities with main markets in other areas, such as Pasar Gede in Solo. The only difference between the two is that the Solo big market sells basic necessities such as rice, vegetables and fruit. Meanwhile, in the Beringharjo market, besides basic necessities, there are traders who also sell souvenirs, batik cloth, home decorations and so on. In terms of construction and design, there is also a similarity, namely combining Javanese and Dutch elements.

If tourists visit this market, if they pass through the main door or the door directly adjacent to Malioboro Street, visitors will be greeted by two small towers where in the middle of the tower there is writing in Javanese. After entering, visitors will be presented with blocks that sell batik cloth, batik clothes and other clothing. Getting into it, the items offered are different. And at the very back of this market, visitors can see blocks that sell basic necessities, such as vegetables, herbal plants etc.

Beringharjo Market is located on Jl Margomulyo, Gondomanan, Yogyakarta. Or beside Malioboro Street. You can visit using public transportation such as Transjogja, rickshaw, taxi or private vehicle. And if you are planning to visit Yogyakarta city for business or traveling purposes, make sure you can stay at the Grand Senyum Hotel. A comfortable hotel with a very strategic location, offers you a kind of great experience, the warm welcome and unique service.

Image source : wikipedia