Jogja Bay Waterpark Yogyakarta

Jogja Bay Waterpark Yogyakarta

by admin July 13th, 2019

Jogja Bay Waterpark is the largest water playground in Indonesia. And it is a tourist destination that you must visit when you are in Yogyakarta. In addition to tourist destinations that have already been present such as Museum Monumen Yogya Kembali, Malioboro etc., Jogja Bay Waterpark offers an unforgettable and memorable experience. The location of this tourist area is in the east of the city center, close to Maguwoharjo International Stadium.

Jogja Bay Waterpark has an area of ​​about 7 hectares, with 5 hectares of main area and the rest is used for green areas and parking lots. There are around 19 water playgrounds that can be enjoyed. One of the highlights is Memo Racer, which is a slide track, which consists of 8 tracks. Then there is also the Volcano Coaster which is a fairly high skating rides, and has several angles that can spur adrenaline and lead to an artificial river, this slide is guaranteed to give visitors a special sensation. There are Jolie Raft River jugs, which are a kind of artificial river, where visitors will ride a buoy, and follow the flow of this Jolie Raft. And there are also vehicles that can be used by all family members, namely Mimi Family. In this Mimi Family vehicle, all family members can enjoy the water and waterslide calmly and comfortably.

Jogja Bay Waterpark carries the theme of pirates, so it’s not surprising if all the corners of the play area are pirate sculptures, ornaments and ornaments. Likewise with merchandise that you can get at Jogja Bay Store, most of them are about pirates. Supporting facilities in Jogja Bay include eating places, which serve light menus and main menus, both western and Indonesian cuisine. For Jogja Bay locations, if you are from the city center, tourists can head east towards Solo Street, then enter the ring road and follow the location instructions that are available.

Image source : Jogja Bay Instagram