Tamansari Water Castle in Yogyakarta

Tamansari Water Castle in Yogyakarta

by admin June 22nd, 2019

Tamansari is a water castle heritage of Yogyakarta Palace. This building has become one of the historical tourist destinations in Yogyakarta today. Tamansari was used for the Empress’s bathing place and the king’s daughter of Yogyakarta. The building has a complete cultural blend of architecture, built during the time of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I around 1758-1765. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the architecture and buildings that stand up to now , while being able to imagine the grandeur of Tamansari in ancient times.

The location of the Tamansari water castle is to the west of the Yogyakarta Palace complex. The location is close to Malioboro or Benteng Vredeburg Museum, only about 5 minutes by public transportation. The tourists can enter through the main door, and are immediately greeted by a large bathing pool. Where the bathing pool is divided into three parts, Umbul Kawitan, Umbul Pamuncar and Umbul Panguras. Each part or Umbul is used for the king’s daughter, Umbul Kawitan, then Umbul Pamuncar is a bath for concubines. And for Umbul Panguras it is used for the king himself. In ancient times this bathing complex could only be visited by kings and their families.

Another interesting building to explore when visiting Tamansari water castle is Sumur Gumuling and Kenongo Building. Gumuling Well is actually a mosque with a simple design, unique but interesting. The design of the Sumur Gumuling allows the voices of worship leaders to be heard very well by worshipers. Inside the Sumur Gumuling there is a podium, surrounded by five steps, and a wall with small windows for prayer leaders. Then for the Kenongo Building, it used to be a place for the king and his family to enjoy food. But for now the Kenongo Building is just rubble. The Kenongo Building is also the highest place in the Tamansari complex. If you are already in the Kenongo Building, tourists can see the atmosphere of the city of Yogyakarta from a height.

Although the Tamansari building is no longer intact, but some parts still offer the beauty and grandeur of its architecture. It is not uncommon for visitors to use Tamansari to conduct photo sessions, both personal until prewedding. Tamansari is also very easily accessed by tourists, if you visit Tamansari or Yogyakarta, tourists don’t need to worry about lodging or hotels. Tourists can choose to stay at the Grand Senyum Hotel as a strategic and most comfortable hotel in Yogyakarta, and not far from Tamansari and other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

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