Malioboro is an iconic street name in Yogyakarta. The name of this street is taken from Sanskrit namely “Malya” and “bhara” which have special meanings. Malioboro Street also witnesses history in the development or establishment of Indonesia, where at one time, Yogyakarta was once the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. Some historical relics of the Indonesian struggle can still be enjoyed if you visit the Malioboro area, for example Benteng Vredeburg and Gedung Agung.

As a tourist destination, Malioboro as an iconic street presents various activities ranging from shopping activities to artistic activities. Many souvenirs and souvenirs from the city of Yogyakarta are sold in the Malioboro area. This souvenir is sold along the Malioboro area, starting from T-shirts, necklaces made of silver, leather, wood etc. Art activities are also interesting, local arts are often held in the Malioboro area. If you visit Malioboro at night, all you have to do is enjoy the typical culinary delights of Jogja in the form of warm and other foods, which are served with lesehan. You can enjoy specialties from Yogyakarta, accompanied by local artists showing their skill in music and arts. From ordinary buskers, to traditional music groups, it adds to the impression and warmth along the Malioboro road.

Access to go to Malioboro is not difficult. Both from stations, bus terminals and airports. There are various transportation that will take you to Malioboro. Shuttle buses are available from the airport, as well as when you come from the main terminal. It’s even easier if you are from outside the city of Yogyakarta and use the train, after getting off at Tugu station, you only have to walk a few minutes, or you can ride a pedicab and horse cart, then you will soon arrive at Malioboro.

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