Museum Benteng Vredeburg

Benteng Vredeburg is one of the colonial heritage buildings in Yogyakarta, where the fort is still preserved until now. Benteng Vredeburg has a long historical value, closely related to the development of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace. But its function has now turned into a museum that has a collection of works of art such as statues and other colonial relics.

Benteng Vredeburg was founded in 1760. The initial purpose of the construction was to maintain the security of the palace, but this was only a tactic from the colonial authorities, where the real intention was to control the developments that took place in the palace. The square building is a square with a bastion or checkpoint at each of the four corners.

The collections found at the Benteng Vredeburg Museum include dioramas. This diorama represents the time or period told. Besides that there is a collection of sculptures, paintings and graphics. What’s interesting from the collection of dioramas is the intertwining of stories from each of the dioramas, starting from the time of the struggle, the period of independence and development.

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