Tugu of Yogyakarta

Tugu Jogja of Yogyakarta is an icon. These destinations must be visited by tourists, because if you don’t see Tugu Jogja in Yogyakarta, it feels incomplete. Historically, Tugu Jogja also has a historical value that is quite interesting to know, because this building or monument is also related to other buildings owned by the Yogyakarta Palace.

Tugu Jogja which is still standing today, is a monument built by the Dutch. This is because the monument had previously collapsed by the earthquake that struck Yogyakarta. Where the monument is often called the Golong-Giling monument built by Hamengkubuwono I. Tugu Jogja or also commonly referred to as “Pal Putih”, this is because the monument is painted in white, with a pointed tip at the top.

Since Tugu Of Yogyakarta is an icon, the city government complements the area around Tugu Jogja with several supporting facilities, as well as other spots. To the south of the monument, a diorama was built which explained the imaginary relationship between the Jogja monument, Mount Merapi, the Yogyakarta palace and the southern coast. This diorama is in the form of an open miniature that can be seen directly by tourists. For the Jogja monument area, it was changed to natural stone, which was arranged in a certain pattern, thus adding to the impression of interest for those who saw and visited. Some other facilities such as pedestrians, sampat places and seating benches are also provided. On certain Sundays, the monument area to the south is used as a venue for Car Free Day, many people take advantage of this event for positive activities, such as cycling, sports, and social events.

When visiting Tugu Jogja at night, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of the city, while eating typical dishes from the city of Yogyakarta in traditional warungs called Angkringan. Many traditional stalls around the monument to the Malioboro area. Dishes sold start from snacks, rice, fried foods and warm drinks.

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